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Cynara! live at 12 Grad, Berlin

Here is a video posted on Youtube by the lovely Sylvia Kasprzak from our April pop-up show at 12 Grad, Berlin’s prettiest Steampunk bar! We had such a lovely time there, and it shows.

Berlin was so good to us we cannot wait to return to play at Aphitheater im Monbijoupark, a lovely wooden venue in the heart of the city, on 19th August! Our upcoming concert there has rekindled my dangerous obsession with amphitheatres (I used to study classical Greek,you know), and it may not be long before you start seeing the results here and on our Facebook. Not telling yet!

Here’s our new concert poster though, which combines Juha’s Bonnie & Clyde portrait with Jere’s Art Nouveau design:


Enjoy the sun, sweethearts, we intend to! Plenty of time for brooding in the winter, now’s the time for sea, sun and shandy.

– Laura


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July 12, 2013 · 3:12 pm

Boulevard of Broken Dreams (1934)

I just ran into the original version of Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and it’s fantastic in so many ways I can hardly begin to tell you. Yes, it has it all – Constance Bennett’s dress, her hat, the delicious French accent, and the future superstar Lucille Ball as one of the choir girls.

But on top of that, the song is presented in such a scrumptious way – many ways in fact – that although just about everyone has sung it since, it has never been quite this plush since its first appearance in Moulin Rouge (1934). This is a great way to use music in cinema – to weave the entire flashback sequence into the song and vice versa. It’s also a reminder that a great song will be a great song no matter in what manner and on what instruments it might be played – on one guitar, an entire symphony orchestra, as a waltz or a tango.

I do have album-related news too: I just approved the final artwork proofs, which means that the production is starting very soon indeed!

– Laura


December 4, 2012 · 3:08 pm