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Studio diary 2014, part 1

Sweethearts! We’re off to the very specific la-la land some people refer to as The Studio! We’ll post daily (maybe!) about our adventures! Here’s the first part:

We’ll start recording tomorrow. This is true.

Yesterday I wrote a new song. This is not strictly speaking true.

The lyrics for the song I wrote have been lying around for about a year. Without giving too much away, they have something to do with this. I’ve been, from time to time, playing around with different ideas, but yesterday the song really came together, and I ditched most of the ideas I had had up until then. I am a bit nervous, though, because we’ll need to work out the song very quickly. On the other hand, working under pressure will help us crop all excessive bits and pieces. And trust me, there’s a definite risk of excess. We’re talking about way artsy stuff, here.

Other than that, we’re doing dandy.  The last week or so we’ve mostly been editing videos and providing material for our very-soon-to-begin crowd funding campaign for the next album. The record will be available for pre-order through, and we’ll let you know more as next week.

There are wonderful people all around, and so, like our studio engineer Juha put it, we now have “a caseful of Neumann microphones and half the city’s stompboxes”, as well as a beautiful Anders Liljeström acoustic guitar at our disposal. This was also a good time to get my flamenco guitar fixed. The work was done by a friend and a future luthier Markus Ullakko, who’s also made some amazing archtops and acoustics, and I’m looking forward to getting him make one just for me.

Right now we wish to thank Aatsi, Markus, Timpe, Hannu and Markus for lending us various stuff from stompboxes to guitar building skills.



Jere testing microphones and a Liljeström acoustic guitar.

Jere testing microphones and a Liljeström acoustic guitar.


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October 2, 2014 · 1:46 pm

Hello Berlin!


We are on our way, excited to play two very different kinds of concerts in the German capital. Our faces already decorate the Amphitheater-Mobile, and soon we’ll appear in flesh! See you tonight at Pech & Schwefel and tomorrow at the Amphitheater im Monbijoupark!

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August 18, 2013 · 10:46 am