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Four Stars in HS & La Lirio LIVE!

Helsingin Sanomat gave us four stars in their review! (That’s the largest newspaper in the Nordic countries, for you who were wondering.) They also said it’s a pity that you probably won’t hear our songs on the radio. We fully agree. Poor, poor radio, what is this illness that makes our heartwarming ballads too strange and wild for you?

And while we’re on the subject of ballads, we promised something yesterday – a song fresh from the album release concert for those you who couldn’t make it! Special thanks belong to our two brothers who filmed us, Roy Boswell who saved us from having to operate the lights ourselves (and look at all the beautiful drama he’s creating here!) – and, as always, our Dandy-Daddy Juha Reunanen for the sounds and everything else besides.

Oh, and we heard that a certain someone arranged a Film Noir get-together in Scotland to celebrate our album release. What a Super Sweetheart, this one’s for you!


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Media love, Spring 2014

Time for a media update for the spring! Sorry international sweethearts, these are all in Finnish except for the last one.

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Helsingin Sanomat, 24th May 2014.

Helsingin Sanomat, 24th May 2014.

Finland’s biggest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat wrote a great review about our first show Kammerkabarett in Savoy-teatteri last week! Pertti Avola thought our decadence was captivating, what joy! Read the review above or on their webpage: LINK

Kujerruksia culture blog

Kujerruksia culture blog, 21st May 2014.

Kujerruksia, which was just listed as the most popular cultural blog in Finland (hooray!), loved Kammerkabarett too. Moreover, she liked the slightly twisted tone of the show, which is something we absolutely love to hear! Read more impressions in her blog: LINK

Radio Helsinki interview 20th May 2014.

Radio Helsinki interview, 20th May 2014.

The day before the show, we visited Njassa at Radio Helsinki with our lovely Muse Noora to talk about Kammerkabarett and to play a couple of our songs live in the studio. It was a lovely summer day, and we were suitably intoxicated by coffee and sun. Listen to the interview part here: LINK

Glue music blog, 11th March 2014.

Glue music blog, 11th March 2014.

And here’s the inimitable and influential music blog GLUE writing about our new music video for The Captain and the Widow (in English!): LINK
“The duo not only crafts very emotive songs and has great songwriting chops, but also knows how to mix, stir and shake a good cocktail”, he writes. We may have to shake a Strawberry Gin for this guy one day soon…

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

That’s all for now, although next week I’m to be interviewed about being an independent artist for Kirkko&Kaupunki. I’ll post the interview as soon as it comes out!

Oh, and summer plans! We have just agreed with Jere that we simply need to make some live videos of some of the new songs soon. There, I’ve said it out loud, and now we must make it happen. We also have some positively outrageous ideas for new cover songs for our summer repertoire, and it just might be that some of those end up on Youtube as well. I repeat. Positively outrageous.

Stay bright, sweets!

– Laura

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YLE performance

It’s here! The Finnish National Broadcasting company’s Omatuntoklubi documentary features a live take on La Beauté, along with some extremely beautiful material shot in the studio. The song starts at 1:05, and there’s some merry babbling at the end by a songbird who’s just come off the stage. Easy, the spoken word is not.

– Laura

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Omatunto documentary


On Tuesday, we woke up extremely early – for Jere at least – to get to the studio for a 3-hour video session for YLE (the Finnish Broadcasting Company). We were recreating a time, a place, and a performance – which means concentrating, giggling and having a great time.  Keep your eyes peeled for the Omatuntoklubi documentary that comes out in the autumn, it seems we are featured in one of the episodes!


Posing with the fun, talented and handsome YLE gents Joonas Josefsson and Jarmo “Japi” Loikkanen. We can hardly wait to see their handiwork!

Oh, and do check the concert calendar, it’s updated with some marvellous news! Also, we have a wonderful idea for our next music video, and we hope to share it with you before the aeroplane takes off for Kraków. It might be only minutes before, though…

What Bohemian rogues be these?

What Bohemian rogues be these?
Pictures by Juha Reunanen.

– Laura & Jere


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Liquid Bridge time-lapse

Spring has finally come to Helsinki! Here’s a charming time-lapse video shot at the Liquid Bridge Live | Three Voices concert with Julia Marcell and Catself. It was a wonderful afternoon show in Arkadia International Bookshop, and we’re looking forward to working some more with Liquid Bridge later on!

Oh, and cocktail time tomorrow! Promise.

Liquid Bridge Live | Three Voices from Liquid Bridge on Vimeo.

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Une traduction en français

Martin Carayol from Trans Eurock Express surprised us with a French translation of the Helsingin Sanomat review for our Francophonic friends! Here it is:

“Café de Abejas, le duo formé par Laura Reunanen et J.W. Rall, ne ressemble à aucun autre artiste finlandais contemporain. Le plus proche point de comparaison serait Aino Venna. Mais là où Venna dans sa musique n’utilise les éléments rétro que comme un assaisonnement, Café de Abejas est du pur rétro, un voyage temporel vers des atmosphères de cabaret de l’entre-deux-guerres, de chansons légères et de vieux films.

Sur le premier album de Café de Abejas, les chansons, que le duo compose lui-même, nous emportent dans un monde crépusculaire, érotique et ironique, où l’on devine les fragrances de l’absinthe et du vieux tabac, où les photos sont en noir et blanc et où les histoires d’amour finissent mal.

Le groupe puise ses influences tant chez Dorothy Parker que chez Kurt Weil. L’ensemble est homogène et exhale la sophistication fanée du romantisme. On ne peut le considérer comme innovant puisque les influences et le style sont si clairs, mais fascinant, oui. “

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Review in Helsingin Sanomat

Oh joy! Pertti Avola of Helsingin Sanomat, the biggest newspaper in Finland, has reviewed Mascot Moth for today’s paper, and he likes it! This is very good news, and a pleasure to see a printed review in such a distinguished paper. Here is a link to the text in Finnish: Helsingin Sanomat

Because I am busy sending concert inquiries to Germany and Jere has a broken internet, it might take us a while to whip up an accurate English translation. But then, we are a Finnish band with a Spanish name making music in English and French. We are, therefore, happy to be able to present to you a translation direct from Andalucía. Enjoy!

El crítico Pertti Avola en “Helsingin Sanomat, el periódico principal de Finlandia:

Café de Abejas, el dúo de Laura Reunanen y J.W. Ralli, no suena a ningún artista actual en Finlandia. La más cercana podría ser Aino Venna. Pero cuando Venna usa en su música elementos de retro solo para sazonarla, Café de Abejas es puro retro, un viaje a la atmosfera de cabaré, chanson y películas viejas en la época de entreguerras. En su primer disco, sus canciones nos llevan a un mundo sombrío, erótico y irónico, donde huelen a absenta y cigarro fuerte, donde las fotos son de blanco y negro y los romances no tienen un final feliz. Se han sacado influencias tanto de la escritora Dorothy Parker como el compositor Kurt Weill. El disco es un conjunto armonioso, sofisticado en una manera romántica un poco gastada. No se puede llamar innovador, por su influencias y estilo tan claros, pero sí, muy fascinante.

(Traducido por Saara Kaisa – ¡Gracias, Saara!)

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