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Liquid Bridge time-lapse

Spring has finally come to Helsinki! Here’s a charming time-lapse video shot at the Liquid Bridge Live | Three Voices concert with Julia Marcell and Catself. It was a wonderful afternoon show in Arkadia International Bookshop, and we’re looking forward to working some more with Liquid Bridge later on!

Oh, and cocktail time tomorrow! Promise.

Liquid Bridge Live | Three Voices from Liquid Bridge on Vimeo.

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Strawberry Gin – Live!

Another live video from the album release, this time it’s Strawberry Gin – and that’s what the ladies are drinking to the right of the camera! Our lovely Vilac toy piano makes a comeback, this time played by Martiina Laaksonen.

Happy Women’s Day ladies, don’t give up the fight for your Love’s Last Adieu!


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News Item N:o 2 – Live footage!

We played our 1920’s inspired News Item N:o 2 for the first time with the whole band at the Mascot Moth release party. Not bad, huh?

Notice the dancing flappers and the opportune moment the bartender has selected for shaking a Strawberry Gin cocktail! Oh, what a night it was. We’ll have to host these kinds of parties more often.

Time for some song trivia! The title of the song is an allusion to a two-line poem by Dorothy Parker:

News Item

Men seldom make passes
At girls who wear glasses.

– Dorothy Parker

– Laura

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Mascot Moth album release party!


Last Tuesday we were celebrating the release of Mascot Moth in 1920’s speakeasy style in Ravintola Suola, Helsinki. What a wonderful evening filled with cocktails, charleston and chanson! The bartenders were mixing three of our custom cocktails for our speakeasy guests: Café de Abejas, Strawberry Gin and Stepping on Roses.

After our set the lovely ladies from Helsinki Traditional Jazz Dance Company showed us how to do the Charleston in style. Needless to say, we partied like we were in the silent movies! This was the first time we played live together with both Ilari and Saara, and it felt just wonderful – we’ll be posting some ex tempore live material soon. Here are a few pictures by the wonderful Saara Olkkonen. You can see more photos from the party here.

– Laura & Jere

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Café de Abejas in ROOM and serve

Helena Karjalainen, a Swedish decor blogger and photographer, took some beautiful pictures of us in Helsinki Vintage! See her photos and read her impressions in ROOM and serve.

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Helsinki Vintage

On Sunday we performed for the first time as a trio with Ilari at Helsinki Vintage. What a lovely day! Between sets we enjoyed browsing the stalls bursting with beautiful objects, and seeing a vintage fashion show by Fintage. Here are some pictures of us onstage (pics by Juha/Reunanen Photography).

We brought home an amazing sequin dress that you are sure to see on me in the near future. All the hats were too small for Jere (that’s how brainy he is!), but he was happy to find an antique Hapag suitcase that will serve us as a microphone case.

In the meantime, we are busy recording the album and will be posting all about it very soon!

– Laura

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