Studio Diary 2014, part 5

We’re now done with the first part of the recordings. We spent a marvelous week at the cottage (now dubbed Lil’ Yellow) recording, eating and sleeping well, taking some fabulous promo pictures, going to sauna, drinking wine and certainly not talking politics, listening to inspiring (or otherwise funny) music, and recording some more.

Not too many bands record their songs live. Which is a shame, because it makes you a better player, a better listener and it certainly highlights the songs rather than individual instruments. Recording songs live forces you to let go of wonderful takes and to live with mistakes. It also gives you the chance to lean on, learn to trust and to appreciate the people you play with.

It’s what we do.

And it’s a wonderful thing we get to do what we do in such an inspiring environment. Lil’ Yellow is truly an amazing place.

Zaza rehearsals

Arranging and rehearsing Zaza.


Just Saara being wonderful.


Jere and Ilari are playing an instrumental back at the cottage. In the meanwhile, mushrooms!

Laura & Saara

Laura and Saara taking it easy in the forest.

Ilari & Saara

Just before the dinner bell rings.

Jere & Saara

Jere and Saara attentively listening to the days outtakes.

We’ve recorded the band parts live, but there’s still some clinkers and clankers to add and some general sprinkling of fairy dust over the songs to be done. There’s also a few songs that me and Laura will be mostly doing by ourselves. And then there’ll be visitors. Actual guest appearances, ladies and gentlemen! But for now we’ll take a little break from the recording, and start getting ready for our appearance at the Lost in Music Festival. Until the next episode, Sweethearts!

With love from Lil’ Yellow, the Pitkäoja Speakeasy,



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