Studio diary 2014, part 4

On Monday we had a late breakfast, after which we started getting ready for a photo shoot. We had planned to have new band photos taken earlier, but since we’re all available now, we decided to sacrifice a studio day for – well, see for yourselves, Sweethearts.



We did manage to record a spectacular version of a song in French titled Le Grand Feu. It’s a song we’ve played as a duo for a long time, and which we made a band version of for the Mascot Moth tour.

On Tuesday we had a (sort of) day off.
In the morning me and Ilari did some practicing, after which Ilari had to leave for a few days. Saara and Juha had to leave for the day as well, so me and Laura spent the day composing, arranging and most of all sharing the heck out of our crowdfunding campaign. Check it out.


Since Ilari is still away, today we’ve mostly been practicing and arranging Zaza, a song I mentioned earlier. The song turned out to be even more absurd than I had planned. A big part of this is thanks to Saara, our wonderful cellist.

We’ve also smoked a lot of cigarettes, drunk some damn good coffee, and practiced, practiced, practiced.




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