Studio diary 2014, part 2

On Thursday we arrived at our cottage, where the bulk of the recordings take place. Thursday and Friday we mostly set up equipment and rehearsed and did a bit of last minute arranging.

Today we started the day with one of the most demanding songs we’ve written. Luckily we practiced this song a lot  for Kammerkabarett. It’s also surprisingly old song, one we actually wanted to include on Mascot Moth, but decided against, for some reason. The song is called Is This Casablanca?, and it’ll make a killer first track.
After Casablanca we did a few takes on a much more streamlined Waiting for the Roses, which is a song we haven’t really played live anywhere else than Savoy-teatteri. Personally I’m pretty anxious to get this one out there for all you to hear. Laura does some amazing acting on this track!

We took a short break from recording, when we were invited to see Irina Björklund, who happened to play in Salo (which is the town closest to our cottage). Irina is a wonderful person and performer, and her band is amazing. The drummer, a certain Mr. Haavisto has been a great support for us, never too busy to lend his extensive know-how in all things musical. He also has a role to play on the upcoming album, but we’ll get back on that a bit later.



Right now we’re back from the show (needless to say, it was great!) and up for a few takes still. And then we’ll eat. And have a few beers. And relax, and listen to music, and spend time together. Isolated from pretty much everything, in the peace and quiet of the Finnish countryside, we’re probably much more relaxed than we ought to be. No matter. This is heaven.



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