January Cocktail Recipe: Café de Abejas

Our very own namesake cocktail, Café de Abejas.

Our very own namesake cocktail. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Our cocktail booklet is only missing a couple of recipes, and it is time for us to share the first one with you! As you can see, Café de Abejas has just what the name promises, coffee and honey. But wait, there is more: Strong, apple-scented Calvados, supple chocolate liqueur and a dash of spicy bitters. This is a tasty, decadent Fashion Martini with some of our favorite ingredients. Ask your bartender to make it for you if you don’t have the equipment at home.

Café de Abejas ♦

2 parts Calvados
2 parts dark Crème de Cacao
2 parts strong coffee sweetened with honey
1 dash Angostura bitters

Shake all ingredients like your life depends on it and strain in to a cocktail glass. Decorate with a few roasted coffee beans. Sip while listening to Mascot Moth and trying to decide whether to be a hopeless romantic or a hardened cynic today.

While Laura claims she prefers her “calva” young and cheap, you should take into account that she is writing lyrics about French sailors. Generally, the more mature the Calvados, the better the taste. It takes a vigorous shake to dissolve the honey into the drink, and while Jere managed to do it with a piece of honeycomb, it is much easier to stir the honey into the coffee while it is hot. We use quite a lot of honey, but we are the Abejas.

Preparing the set.

Preparing the set.

The best part – enjoying the drinks after the shoot!

The best part – enjoying the drinks after the shoot!

More cocktail recipes and musings to come in the following months! We are also thinking of keeping track of our literary influences here, and due to the album release we’ll be busy as bees all Spring. Enjoy the cocktail, tell us what you think and come to see us next Wednesday in Helmi if you’re in Helsinki!

– Laura & Jere


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