Cocktail Workshop, pt. 1


I’d sip this for heartache (or any other ailment in fact)!

Now that the album is safely in the press, we are dedicating our free time to cocktail concocting. This means that Jere (who actually works as a bartender) is mixing, stirring, shaking and setting things on fire while I’m enjoying his handiwork. How pleasant for me.

The idea is to create and to test out about ten cocktails that suit the mood of our music, and to make them into a booklet to accompany the album. Some of the drinks are directly inspired by our songs – like the lyrics of Cynara! (“Do not resort to stronger wine, my love…”) or the self-explanatory Strawberry Gin.

And so we are asking ourselves some difficult questions: “Would David Devant appreciate the showmanship in this punch?” and “Is this the kind of Fashion Martini you would sip for heartache?”. We are also reading Jerry ThomasBon-Vivant’s Companion (1862) with particular interest. Stay tuned for more news from our test kitchen!

– Laura


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