Recording Diary, pt. 4 – Elsie Smith

Here is Elsie. As you can tell, she’s thrilled to be a part of the album.

Yesterday, we recorded another song for the album (One Man’s Sweetheart), and everything went very smoothly (if we don’t take into account the famished percussionist, the swooning vocalist and the guitarrist’s broken nail, all problems easily solved). So smoothly in fact that we were able to proceed to recording what we call “fairy dust”. That means small things and effects that are meant to spice up the otherwise live performance.

This time we concentrated on a typewriter Laura got from her grandfather a few years ago. It’s an old L. C. Smith probably from the 1920’s, and commonly known as Elsie Smith. The unique sound of a well-oiled vintage typewriter was just what we needed as a small percussive element in one of the songs, and this is how Ilari played the new instrument:

– Jere and Laura


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