Close and Open Harmony

We are working in close harmony, arranging some of our songs for the cello. First Jere gets an idea for a phrase. It’s perfect, but one note should be flat instead of sharp because that brings new spice into my melody. Ah, but then it should move against the rythm slightly on that note to bring it out. He does something amazing and I note it down. And there it is!

More often than not, harmony is not about being able to keep your own pitch perfect. It’s about being able to listen, seeing the whole, and being open to new contrasts. I’m happy about our flexibility, and the way we’re excited about each other’s ideas instead of clinging onto our own. The songs turn out better for it: Instead of making compromises and concessions, we’re both aiming for a harmonious mélange where the song comes first.

We’re also listening to close harmony girl trios from the Thirties, because we want some of that vintage sound in one of the songs. Somehow, I find this piece particularly engaging, both because of the lyrics and the wonderful wah-wah effect at the end:

This was discovered via Radio Dismuke, a gold mine of 20´s and 30´s music. It´s a free web radio treat for a real Sunday afternoon.

– Laura


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