Album Presale!

As you might know, we are now preparing for the making of our first album, which – let me tell you – is no light task by any standard. In the middle of the ten thousand small things that we have to set right both artistically and practically, we are just blissfully happy about the marvellous, talented people around us, the atmosphere of excitement and the way we are seeing our own songs in a new light, clearer and truer every day. We feel that this is going to be the best thing we’ve ever done, and that once all the pieces have fallen into place we will have ten great renderings of ten great songs.

However, there is one thing that worries us. You guessed it. It’s money. We don’t exactly have heaps of it. Or a diamond stash for that matter. That’s why we’ve put the album on presale on Sponsume, the European crowdfunding platform, from today onwards! We are hoping to find 100 fellow humans who enjoy our music enough to invest into it beforehand.

You can find our petition and all the details HERE.

The recording sessions will start at the end of October (in two weeks!) and we’ll be living in the studio for about two weeks. After that, it’s mixing, mastering and off our baby goes to be pressed! And the best thing is, it looks like those who have pre-ordered the CD are going to have it for Christmas! Another perk is that it’s cheaper to preorder, since the price is 15€ including postage to Europe. Jere and I are going to get back to the special rewards a little later, but let me tell you that the cocktail booklet is going to be amazing!

Be a part of the production of our best oeuvre to date, and please help us to spread the word! I know that there is an audience out there who’s looking for our music, and we’d love to find them (or for them to find us). You are our sweethearts!

– Laura


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